Client — Doctors Under the Radar

Sector — Medical and Mental Health

My role — UX/UI Designer responsible for conducting research, content audits, and a high-fidelity prototype.

Project Time — three-week sprint

Doctors Under the Radar is a supportive and confidential space for female doctors — in training, practicing, or transitioning — to connect and overcome the mental health stigmas they face in medicine.

I was the UI lead in a team of three well-rounded UX/UI designers, Rachel Teegarden and Daniel Kim, and myself.

Our goal for this project as requested by our client was to make Doctors Under the…

Image of Phone by Rodion Kutsaev sourced through Unsplash

Client — Coco Canary Consulting

Sector — Consulting

My role — UI Designer responsible for content audit, UI audit, branding, and UI redesign.

Project Time — one-week sprint

Coco Canary Consulting, or CCC, is an evaluation and communications firm whose mission is to uplift businesses of marginalized persons in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My goal for this one-week sprint was to improve the overall flow and visual design of CCC’s homepage.

Content Audit

A disclaimer for you…

I was not employed or hired to work for the Upper Missouri Waterkeepers in any capacity. I was looking for a lucky site to sharpen my research skills. I found the Upper Missouri Waterkeepers site on Catchafire, a site that matches professionals willing to volunteer with non-profits in need of their skills.

The Product

The Upper Missouri Waterkeepers is a non-profit organization licensed to care for and protect the waterways of upper Missouri. Their mission involves advocating for and enforcing tougher environmental laws by working with and educating surrounding communities near and far.


Giving Eco-Stylist, a sustainable clothing marketplace for men, a feature-focused redesign. This project was a team effort that took place over three weeks. Our end goal was to create a mid-fidelity prototype. This was pro-bono work.

The Team

This project had a three-person UX team which consisted of a Project lead, an Interaction lead, and a Research lead — myself.

Many conversational medical terms are derived from the English language, yet there are over 6,000 languages spoken worldwide. This creates a language barrier that calls for a solution beyond simple translation.

In this case study I’ll show you how I looked into innovative ways to help people mitigate language gaps without dependency on spoken language in regards to understanding diagnoses and treatments.

Before moving on, here’s some context for this project:

This is the product of a one-week rapid prototyping project. Due to the time constraint, I mostly interviewed people in my inner circle, friends and family.

The topic of this project comes from Cutting through the Language Gap

Jessica Martinez

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